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No Piercing Guns

The Dangers of Piercing Guns

  • They are not sterile. This alone should be reason to stay clear of then.
  • Unqualified operator. Do you really want someone that has taken a 5 minute crash course in puncturing someone’s tissue with an unsterilized instrument performing a piercing on you?
  • They work like a nail gun, quickly blasting a hole through your tissue with a dull stud causing unnecessary trauma to your tissue.
  • Poor quality, and inappropriate jewelry made from low grade metals, may cause allergic reactions. I.e. nickel.
  • Short posts do not accommodate for swelling or chubby lobes.
  • Butterfly backings pressed up against fresh piercing prevents air flow and traps dried blood, crusties, hair etc… causing infection. This jewelry is not easy to clean unless it’s removed often, thus causing more trauma.
  • They make a loud noise that can cause a person to flinch or jump; this can cause a displaced piercing or a redo (not fun).
  • Piercing guns tend to JAM up getting stuck in the ear; this can be terrifying for anyone.
  • Don’t be cheap with your Health! Have them done right the first time, hopefully the last time.

The Association of Professional Piercers has taken a strong stand against the use of Piercing Guns! Read what they have to say here...

APP Position on Piercing Guns