Outthere Studio

Shop Information

Outthere Studio is the PREMIER Body Piercing Studio on the Sunshine Coast. I am a fully trained and qualified Professional, and have spent over twenty years building a Buisness around Safety, Education and Service...

My well-appointed shop is easy to find, located in Gibsons. The shop features a comfortable waiting area, well stocked retail space, and a clean & private piercing room for stress free service.

As a Piercing Professional, I pride myself on making my clients experience safe, comfortable & fun. Before starting my own business here on the coast, I spent considerable time and energy educating myself in the proper procedures to ensure that your new piercing is performed properly and you have the best chance of trouble-free healing. This education included an extensive Apprenticeship at a highly respected shop in Vancouver. I have continued to build on my knowledge by keeping myself up to date with the latest developments in the various aspects of piercing, including Techniques and Health.

The main focus in My Shop is to provide a safe service while educating the public about the importance of safe piercing. I DO NOT use piercing guns for many reasons, most importantly these instruments CAN NOT be sterilized. Visit the Danger of Piercing Guns Page for more information.

All of the jewelry and instruments in my studio are Autoclave Sterilized destroying all microorganisms and their products, such as Hepatitis and HIV. My Autoclave is tested regularly by a certified Laboratory to ensure it is functioning at 100%, and the reports from these tests can be viewed at any time in the shop. All of my initial piercing jewelry is made from implant grade surgical steel or titanium. These metals are used largely in the medical and dental field because they are very compatible with our bodies. This is great for people OUT THERE that are sensitive to other metals. I guarantee it!